ripeSense« evolved from the simple idea of making a fruit label capable of more than just branding.

The next revolution in fresh produce marketing. In the beginning, there was fruit. Loose fruit, usually unripe, sold from bins, where it was bruised, squeezed and prodded to determine its ripeness. Then came 'ready to eat' fruit, bundled and pre-packaged, but still difficult to determine its ripeness. Now ripeSense« is about to revolutionise the way we buy fruit by showing consumers the exact level of ripeness without handling or guesswork.

ripeSense« is the world's first intelligent ripeness indicator label, developed in New Zealand by Jenkins Group, the leading supplier to New Zealand's horticultural labelling industry, in partnership with Plant & Food Research, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute dedicated to horticultural science research. Their combined effort over seven years of research and development led to the creation of this cutting edge innovation and the start of a new revolution in fresh produce marketing.

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ripeSense« for pears is already on the market. Look out for future additions to the ripeSense« family with sensors for kiwifruit, melon, mango, avocado and stone fruit in development.

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